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Born and raised in Metro Detroit, my road into the design world (and design school) has proven to be an unconventional yet rewarding journey. I spent the first several years of my college education dual-enrolled at Oakland Community College and Oakland University exploring a handful of careers in the health sciences. After many setbacks, I stumbled across graphic design, which I discovered utilized a perfect combination of practical problem-solving and creativity - an aspect that was missing from my previous career endeavors. Under the instruction of Peter Schade, a graphic design professor at Oakland Community College, I soon realized that this was my passion and true calling. 

Over the last 3 years, I have slowly put down roots in West Michigan, where I have met many great people - professors and friends (both designers and non-designers) - that have made a positive impact on me, whether through moral support or by helping me fine-tune my craft. I am excited to make Grand Rapids my home, and look forward to what this new chapter has in store. 

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